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Thursday • 5 days ago
UA solo. Left knee (inside) sore.  26 mile workout
Saturday, Mar 4 • 17 days ago
UA solo. Final ride on Fuji. Frame is fully broken now. It was a reliable bike. 👍🏻 2009 purchase from Performance.  22 mile workout
Wednesday, Mar 1 • 20 days ago
Season opener. Trail to Darby and Indian Ridge loop with Dave. Nice SW wind.  20 mile workout
Thursday, Oct 6 • 166 days ago
Hilliard. Last group ride of the season. Strong group. Smooth. Need to pull less harder and conserve energy.  41 mile workout
Tuesday, Oct 4 • 168 days ago
Hilliard. Perhaps best ride of the season. Strong group. Smooth. Felt good.  42 mile workout
Sunday, Oct 2 • 170 days ago
UA.  17 mile workout
Thursday, Sep 29 • 173 days ago
Hilliard. Group of five. Strong ride. Nearly dropped two or three times. Held on to the end.  42 mile workout
Wednesday, Sep 28 • 174 days ago
UA.  18 mile workout
Saturday, Sep 24 • 178 days ago
Lots of climbing in Tuscarawas County. 4,025’ elevation. Mike and Bill.  67 mile workout
Thursday, Sep 22 • 180 days ago
Dover, Wainwright, Joyce, Hummel Valley, Deis.  34 mile workout
Tuesday, Sep 20 • 182 days ago
Hilliard. Started with A’s. Spent too much energy early. Should’ve sat in more. Good group of five after getting dropped.  45 mile workout
Saturday, Sep 17 • 185 days ago
Ride to Hilliard group ride and then peeled off at Spring Valley and trail.  63 mile workout
Thursday, Sep 15 • 187 days ago
UA slow cruise.  21 mile workout
Wednesday, Sep 14 • 188 days ago
West Jeff and Morgan with Dave.  39 mile workout
Monday, Sep 12 • 190 days ago
Trail, Opossum, Biggert, and Haenzel with Dave.  34 mile workout
Sunday, Sep 11 • 191 days ago
Trail, Alton, Murnan, Broad, Alton, Trail.  21 mile workout
Thursday, Sep 8 • 194 days ago
Nicholasville County Line group ride. 20.3 avg. Punchy rollers. Good group. 1,168’ elevation.  25 mile workout
Wednesday, Sep 7 • 195 days ago
Paris. Met Bobby Timbrook, age 75, nice guy who was painting his black fence. 1,922’ elevation.  42 mile workout
Tuesday, Sep 6 • 196 days ago
Lexington. Mitch Glenn meeting. 1,066’ elevation.  28 mile workout
Saturday, Sep 3 • 199 days ago
Solo to Hilliard group ride, Harrisburg, mid-Alton drop off and solo home. 20 avg.  58 mile workout
September 1, 2022 • 201 days ago
Downtown and McKinley back home with Dave.  16 mile workout
August 30, 2022 • 203 days ago
Flat on way to Hilliard ride. Fixed flat and did Westgate laps.  9 mile workout
August 27, 2022 • 206 days ago
NW-SW loop with Dave.  54 mile workout
August 25, 2022 • 208 days ago
Solo to Hilliard ride, 15 miles with group, back home after meetup with Dave.  49 mile workout
August 24, 2022 • 209 days ago
Mac riide. Smooth. Fun finish. 20.96 avg.  40 mile workout
August 23, 2022 • 210 days ago
UA roll and Westgate laps with Dave.  25 mile workout
August 20, 2022 • 213 days ago
Moravian Trail to Gnadenhutten and 416 with Todd, Mike, Bud, and another Mike. 1,752’ elevation.  52 mile workout
August 18, 2022 • 215 days ago
Recovery slow roll. Easy efforts on Blacksnake, Ruslin Hill, Deis Hill.  13 mile workout
August 17, 2022 • 216 days ago
Ernie’s Bike Shop. 11 guys. Fun group. Good long effort into Winford and a town sign sprint on Schneiders east into Dover.  32 mile workout
August 15, 2022 • 218 days ago
Mac riide. Rain showers midride. 20.7 avg.  39 mile workout